Friday, January 15, 2010

I talk a big game

Wow. So none of the objectives I set for myself for last week are even remotely happening. Baby B - still sucking on that pacifier and being swaddled to sleep. I just cannot bear to hear that child cry. But nighttime sleep is just sucking right now (no pun intended.) She makes a lot of noise like she is struggling to get unswaddled, but when I unswaddler her she pulls the paci out and cries. I swear it is a vicious cycle and I am stuck in it. I am so exhausted and all I want to do is cry.

Miss H - still using those diapers. We did have one huge success with her going #2 on the potty. But I have yet to pull out the big girl panties. Tomorrow, I promise.

I think what it all comes down to is fear. I am afraid to let Baby B cry because I am afraid she will keep others that live in this house awake. I am afraid to put Miss H in panties because I am afraid of the mess.

I am seriously sitting here on the couch, about to cry, while watching Miss H have a tea party and listening to the baby monitor afraid that Baby B is not going to have a long enough nap. 


Sorry. I just needed to vent. I think I have baby burnout...



Judy said...

I totally understand. When I "tried" to help my daughter with her son, he HATED swaddling, wouldn't take a pacifier, couldn't sleep on his back because he flinched every time he moved. It was SOOOO frustrating! (and I had already survived her colic, so I was supposed to be experienced!) We finally gave up, turned him on his stomach, and he started sleeping much better. I hope you get a break. I'll say a little prayer. *)

Beth said...

Hugs!!!! I know it probably won't make you feel better but you don't really see any adults with pacifier's, diapers, or being swaddled to sleep.... :) It will get better!!!! Hang in there!!

Shell said...

She'll eventually give up the paci. Keep it and get some sleep. Same with potty training- when she's ready, it will happen fast!

Marketing Mama said...

Don't fret my love. We all have those day! Thinking of you.

April said...

Is she able to put her paci back in her mouth herself yet? If so maybe just leave one arm out and eventually she will realize she can get her paci back in herself?