Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolution: Balance and Flexibility

Shawn Johnson

I have been reading a lot of people's New Year's Resolutions, and they all tend to be goals people want to accomplish. I am right there with all of you. I have things I want to do and learn this year. I have things that I want to start doing that I think will make me a better person and a better Mom. But then I start thinking about ALL the things I want to do, and I start to feel overwhelmed.

When I do something, I tend to devote all my waking moments to it. If I am reading a book, that is all I do in my spare time until I have finished the book. If I am working on a craft project, again, that's all I do until it's done. Etc., etc., etc.

Here are some of my goals:

  • Run a 5K by my birthday (March 30)
  • Learn how to use my new sewing machine
  • Make something with my new sewing skills
  • Read one book for leisure per month
  • Spend more time studying Sacred Scripture and in quiet prayer
  • Make homemade baby food for Baby B
  • Increase my presence in the blogosphere

How in the world am I going to get all that done? The answer, my friends, is by channeling my inner Shawn Johnson, my inner gymnast. Balance. Flexibility. These are the things that make gymnasts great; these are the things that I need most in my life.

I need to figure out when I am going to run, read, sew, pray. But I desperately need to remember that my job, my most important goal of the year is raising my children and being the best wife I can be to my husband.

So I resolve to be the best that I can be, while being balanced and flexible. We'll see how I do....

Happy New Year! It's going to be a great one!!



Christy said...

so i have this great sewing machine that i completely under-utilize. I have found a local shop that teaches sewing and I am going to sign up for classes starting in february. Hopefully i will learn to do more than make tablecloths and hem pants!
Happy New Year!

Shell said...

Good luck- your goals sound very attainable!

Sarah said...

I think those sound like great resolutions! Best of luck and Happy New Year!

Kathryn said...

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