Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Summary and Blog Awards

Is it just me, or is this year FLYING BY already? I cannot believe that we are about to turn another page on the calendar in a couple of days.

The past couple of days I have really been feeling the need to get organized. I did ALL of our laundry yesterday (including putting it away which is the part I hate the most). Today, I sorted through the girls' clothes and put away the sizes that don't fit anymore. We also organized the toys and such that were cluttering up the living room. Now the room looks more like a living room than a playroom which was the objective.

Both girls took awesome naps this afternoon which gave me the opportunity to visit a bunch of my bloggy friends {and leave them comments} and to return emails from the commenters from the past couple of days.

And now it's award time. I am TERRIBLE about thanking people when they give me awards. Katherine Anne at Medical School Mrs. is one of THE sweetest bloggers out there. She is a newlywed married to a medical student. She blogs about cupcakes, crafts, and her cutie patootie puppy dog! Recently Katherine Anne gave me not one, but TWO blog awards!

Beautiful_Blogger from the stonekings

For the Beautiful Blogger Award, I am supposed to tell you 7 interesting things about myself.

  1. My cat is an orphan. His mother literally dropped a litter of kittens on my friend's back porch and ran away.
  2. My husband is eight years older than me.
  3. My daughters are the only girl grandchildren on my husband's side of the family.
  4. I LOVE mustard. All types: Dijon, honey, spicy...Love, Love, Love!
  5. I have my MBA, but I have never really used it. I would say that it was a waste of time, but that is where I met Mr. Rose sooooooo.....
  6. Mr. Rose stole me away from my college sweetheart that I really thought I would have married (at one point in my life. At the end, not so much.) Best decision of my life letting him steal me away. Seriously. That is another blog post entirely!
  7. I love all things Disney. Good thing since Miss H is a Disney fanatic!

As for the You're Going Places Baby Award, "This award means you're really going places, Baby. You'll still be blogging about your great adventures 10 years from now, and I'll still be reading them."

In ten years:

  • My kids will all be in elementary school. (All as in I don't think we are quite finished making them yet....)
  • I will own my own business, TBD.
  • I will be the Girl Scout troop cookie Mom.
  • We will own our dream house.
  • We will be as happy as we are today!


Annissa at A Page from my Book gave me the Sunshine Award. She blogs about her four boys, a couple of whom are preemies just like my Rosebuds!

Thanks for the blog love ladies. Now, I am not playing by the rules here. If you commented in my Friday Follow post "Hear ye, hear ye!" you can have any or all of these awards! Happy Saturday!!

PS - I ALMOST FORGOT! Cheryl at Take A Second Glantz awarded me the Beautiful Blogger Award too! I am doubly blessed. Thanks Cheryl!!!



Kmama said...

Congrats on your awards!!

How interesting that Mr. Rose stole you from your sweetheart! Cute story!

Debbie said...

Congrats on the award! Received one today myself! I am following you from the blog hop! I too am a stay at home mom for about 12 years now....even when the kids get older I think they need us more around! Hope to see you over at my blog and I look forward to coming to visit you again!!~

Cheryl said...

*adding Disney to our NCIS and GH list that keeps growing* :) I hope you plan on telling us the Mr. Rose story one day (hint, hint).

Cheryl said...

*adding Disney to our NCIS and GH list that keeps growing* :) I hope you plan on telling us the Mr. Rose story one day (hint, hint).