Monday, October 4, 2010

Cooking 9 meals a day...not anymore!

One of my goals as a mother is to provide healthy food for my family. I buy organic milk and produce and other organic staples when I can. I add pureed fruits and veggies into recipes to up the nutritional value of our traditional fare. It is a lot of work and makes for a lot of dishes as well.

Now that Mr. Rose is away for awhile, I have been trying to keep this up. Specifically at dinnertime, I try to make one meal that we can all eat, with some variations for Lil' B. This has been failing miserably the past few weeks. I have a bad habit of trying new recipes thinking that they will like it, and then the only who eats is me. So, not only do I have to make something else for the kids, but then I have twice the dishes. Three times the dishes if I have to make something different for each of them.

Forget it. I'm done.

From now on, I am going to have to cook for the kids and make a variation for myself. It sounds backwards, I know, especially when it seems like all they will eat is macaroni and cheese. If I eat macaroni and cheese every night, I will be the size of a small elephant house when Mr. Rose gets home.

Here's how I envision this working:

  • Breakfast: Traditionally cereal, yogurt, and fruit. No changes here.
  • Lunch: I'm done being creative at lunch. From now on we subsist on sandwiches and fruit.
  • Dinner: At this point, the only thing I can get them to eat consistently is pasta. Some version of pasta with varying sauces and protein. I am going to try to sneak some tofu into the sauces to get some protein in these kids. Lil' B will not eat meat, even when I try to sneak some ground beef or turkey into her pasta. I'm convinced my picky eater is going to be vegetarian. I may also try some fried rice dishes with egg and veggies (here I go again trying something new....) As for me, I am going to be eating a lot of salads. I need to eat more vegetables anyway, so this will be a good alternative to their calorie packed pasta.
If you have any yummy recipes your little ones love, please feel free to share.

Short order cook no more,



blueviolet said...

I can't really blame you. We have to pick our battles, right? If you're not willing to fight's not worth it!

Kmama said...

We always end up making a lot of meals, with Buddy's food allergies and pickiness. UGH.

Good luck!

Bree said...

I like your menu plan a lot. We have been slipping away from 'healthy' and I hate it. I notice my children's disposition is different depending on the food we eat.
I like seeing your thoughts laid it, I believe it has given me some ideas. I hadn't had the time to think it through (how lame am I) so your thoughts sort of put things in a nice concept for me to work off of. Thanks!b

Cheryl said...

You should be able to add silken tofu to the sauce without detection. I know this is going to sound crazy, but refried beans are full of protein and work as a great sauce thickener. If you wind up with a veggie on your hands, feel free to give me a call; I've been mostly a veggie for the better part of 20 years.