Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Hallo-week!

What a crazy and fun Hallo-week the girls and I have had here. We started off by participating in our town's local Halloween Horribles parade last Sunday afternoon. The girls dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2, and I was the Cat in the Hat.


(See those hats? I sewed them! They were worn for all of 10 seconds. So much for all my hard work!)

It was blazing hot as we waited an hour just to get in to the parade area. But once we were in, Miss H had a blast visiting all the booths "trick or treating." We brought home a bag full of loot!


On Monday, our Kindermusik teacher asked everyone to dress up for class. Hence costume dressing #2. Miss H went in her Cinderella costume from last year, and Lil' B and I just wore our normal clothes.


On Thursday, Miss H's preschool had its annual Fall Festival and Halloween party, for which she was invited to dress up. Again.

So, we rummaged through her dress up box and came up with a cheerleader outfit. I haven't seen any pictures of that party yet, but she looked pretty cute!

Yesterday, my Mom and I took the girls to a local pumpkin festival. There were lots of pumpkins, good food, a petting zoo, kiddie games, and ice cream. It was a lot of fun!








Finally, today is Halloween. (Since when did Halloween become an all week event??) This afternoon we took the girls to the mall for Trick or Treating. More loot was amassed.



With all the activities this week, I am glad that Halloween is over. It has been really busy and I hope that we can get our feet back under us this week. The beginning of November also gets us closer to Mr. Rose being home - only three more weeks!

Happy Halloween!


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Liz said...

The corn looks yummy! I love that you were Dr. Seuss!

blueviolet said...

I just love the costumes of all three of you and the pumpkin farm with corn? Jealous!

Cheryl said...

What wonderful pics! Looks like it was a fabulous time.