Monday, March 14, 2011

I survived the CandyLand Birthday Party

They came. They partied. They conquered.

Ten small children all under the age of 5 descended upon La Casa de Rosebud on Saturday morning. It was the climax of a week spent cleaning, cooking, and decorating, along with Miss H constantly asking if we could start the cleaning, cooking, and decorating all week.


We rolled out the welcome mat.

Good eats! We served hot dogs and hamburgers along with colorful fruits and veggies and multicolored goldfish.


Pin the Gingerbread Man on the Gingerbread Tree game. (Psst! I made that tree!)

Miss H being serenaded by her cutie friends. (That sweetie on the very right belongs to my IRL friend Upcycle Mama.)


Here's a better shot of the whole cake. Today at the grocery store I discovered that Pepperidge Farm makes a Gingerman cookie. I searched high and low for some sort of gingerbread to put on this cake and kicked myself for not finding these sooner. Yes, my cake is sans gingerbread men. Also, I thought Nutter Butters might be better for the Grandma Nut section than the Circus Peanuts.


In case my friends' children did not have enough sugar at the party, I sent them home with goody bags filled with lollipops! In case you can't read it the sign says, "Having you here has been such a treat, Please do not leave without some sweets!"

In the end, the party was fabulous. Miss H was over the moon excited about her party and celebrating her birthday with her friends. We played a few games and had some fun outside in a borrowed bounce house. As far as I could tell, a great time was had by all. And I survived!!


Kmama said...

So cute! I still think this is the best theme party ever! I'm glad Miss H had a good birthday!

Shell said...

Adorable! You did such a fabulous job with it all!

blueviolet said...

You did everything so beautifully! I love the theme and the cake, complete with your substitutions!

Upcycle Mama said...

The cake was by far the coolest thing at that party!! People will be stealing your ideas for parties to come!

Debbie said...

It looks and sounds like a rousing success!