Sunday, March 7, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly Weekend Review

Domestic Dork

The Good:

I got my hair cut! This is the after:


(This is the before picture. Dang, my hair was long!)


I also got a pedicure! The color is a little more fluorescent than I normally pick, but what the heck.


The really good news is that while I was out having my Mommy-time, I was not at all stressed about being away from the baby. A huge jump forward in my Type-A Mommy life.

The Bad:

The whole point of me going to the salon to get my hair done, was to get rid of my gray hair. After talking it through with the stylist, we decided blending them in highlights is the best solution for my hair. However, the past two times I had my hair colored, it was all over color at an Aveda salon. And apparently, once you go Aveda, you can't go back. At least when it comes to putting highlights on top of permanent color. Soooo, I didn't get it colored, but I am still loving the cut. And I was also able to get the pedicure instead.

The Ugly:

Do you remember my frustrating experience I wrote about last week with the crib manufacturer? They sent me a new leg to my crib, which I received on Friday. When I opened the package Saturday morning to try to assemble my crib for the FOURTH time, it was the WRONG PART AGAIN. They are going to hear from me again Monday morning, and if it is not resolved, you all will hear about it! And this time, I will call them out by name!!



The Boob Nazi said...

I love how it feels after a haircut!

5thsister said...

cute cut! I bet it feels great!

Pink Haired Momma said...

I love your hair. It always feels so fabulous to get a cut! Toes look fabulus too! And i say wrap that whole crib up, call the company and tell them you are shipping the whole thing back! They need to get you a new one, and you have already shared the news with other moms via your blog! So take that!

Kmama said...

Love the haircut and your tootsies. Great color choice!!

Amelia said...

I agree with Pink Haired Mama- wrap the whole crib up, send it back and let the icky mad feelings go. :) Maybe you can make a list of good companies/products that you like and bad companies/products you don't like for all of us mommies to be to check out!

Miss. Ardeth Blood said...

Came from SITS to say hi, and hope you have a good day

Dawn said...

Coming at ya from SITS...

Love the haircut! And the Mommy-Time is always wonderful no matter what you are doing... my kid are all in school so I get time to myself during the day now... it's totally awesome!

A 2 Z said...


Visiting from SITS. Love your little Rosebuds, those 10 little piggies and the haircut. I remember being in your shoes with the first few grey hairs. I used to get highlights and it worked beautifully until many years ago when grey became too predominant. C'est la vie! Good luck on the crib problem!

Best regards,


Chelle said...

Your hair looks AWESOME honey! Love it! And I had no idea about Aveda's color?! At least you got a great pedi out of this :)

And you have got to be kidding about the crib parts. Right? I cannot begin to imagine the stress...I'm ticked just reading about it!


Marketing Mama said...

You are KIDDING about the "they shall remain nameless for now" company!!! Bad form. Very bad form. They owe you addition to the crib leg.

Crystal Escobar said...

I love getting mommy time, it's the best! I just got my hair done over the weekend. My husband hates it when I have my hair appt, he's like, is this the 3 hours one? Yes, my hair takes 3 hours. Being blonde is high maintenance :)
Love the hair cut.
I'm following you now too.

Cheryl said...

Your haircut is beautiful! And your pick of nail polish color is perfectly spring-ish. :)

Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

Love the hair AND the nails. I love bright colors on toes. Awe.some.

I just read an interesting book about grey hair, but I can't recall the title.