Sunday, April 11, 2010

Best Weekend Ever (Nearly)

What an amazing weekend we just had! The weather here in South Carolina was picture perfect beautiful. Blue sunny skies and temps in the mid-70's, cool breeze, and no humidity! We took advantage of this lovely weather by GETTING OUTSIDE!

Saturday we visited one of our local parks for a Piggin' and Pickin' Barbecue cook-off. There were twenty competitors and you could eat as much as you wanted. I think I sampled ten of them and they almost had to roll me out of there -delish! Miss H enjoyed some chicken fingers and had a blast sliding down the inflatable slide. Baby B did not partake in the pork either, but rather enjoyed her pureed peas!



Later that afternoon, we all took a ride on my Dad's boat. It was absolutely picture perfect. Miss H even got a chance to drive!


Today we spent some time working on my Mom's garden. Miss H was a big helper!



I hope you all had as great a weekend as we did. This week is going to be just as beautiful so I am going to try to get us outside as much as possible!



blueviolet said...

I had a weekend nothing like that. I'm so jealous!!! However, when I move to NC this summer, I expect mine will be a little more like yours. ;)

Kmama said...

We had an awesome weekend as well. I love when it's nice out and you can get outside and enjoy it. Love the pic of Baby B!! ;-)

We live in a Zoo! said...

How fun, I love boating! ;D

Cheryl said...

It looks like a beautiful and fun weekend! I hope your week is just as wonderful.

Shayna Mills said...

We had a great weekend too, just love it when the weather is nice and we get out as a family, so glad you had such a fun filled awesome weekend and I love the pic of your girl planting, that is priceless.

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

What a wonderful weekend! The photos are beautiful too. I could almost feel the wind in my hair in the boat one. Sweet!

Kim said...

That does look like a great weekend. The girls are so very cute.