Sunday, May 23, 2010

Loving the stay-cation

For the past two weeks, I feel like I have been on vacation. Except, I haven't gone anywhere. My husband has been off the past two weeks, so we have been hanging around the house getting settled back in. We ran errands together when Miss H was in school. When she wasn't, we did fun things like going to the pool or the library. We slept in and took naps.

We organized our house and took back our living room from the kids. Toys are now stored in their rooms (with a few exceptions). I moved Miss H's too small clothes into Baby B's closet. I packed up the newborn to 6 month size Baby B clothes and washed the 9 to 12 month size clothes.

If you can't afford to go anywhere this summer, I highly recommend the stay-cation. I feel refreshed and renewed. I am happy. I have been able to release the stress of the last few months and remember how much I love my family.

My husband and I have been able to have some great conversations, something we missed over the last few months. We have also had some side-splitting laugh attacks.

I also feel like I have reconnected with my kids. With the stress gone, I have been able to enjoy Miss H's antics more and fret over the potty training debacles less. I have cuddled and smooched my baby and truly enjoyed the stage of babyhood she is in.

These are the things that I have been missing over the last four months. And I didn't even realize it. That is what stress will do to you friends. Don't let it get to you the way it got to me. Take a staycation. Love on your husband and your kids. Get back to the root of yourself and your family. Everyone will be the better for it. Trust me.



Kmama said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying the time with your family!! It sounds like you are all having fun and enjoying one another!

Marketing Mama said...

Love this! Glad ya'll have had a great time to just BE.

Britney said...


I wanted to let you know that I am following you from MBC, "Under a 100 Followers" group. I am hoping when you get a chance you can follow me back at and Also, I wanted to know if you would be interested in doing a link exchange with my sites and yours. Please let me know. Also, it has been nice meeting you via the web.

Thanks, Tracey

blueviolet said...

That's fantastic! Did you not feel the need to get out and do something requiring you to have to spend money? That was always our problem. We got bored at home!