Saturday, September 18, 2010

Here we go again

Mr. Rose has taken off on another extended trip. This time is a lot different from his spring trip. We are able to talk to him everyday and video chat on Skype. We are going to visit him for a week in October and he will be home on the occasional weekend.

But it is still hard.

The kids are actually being great. In the first week that he has been gone, there have been no major meltdowns, injuries, or fights. They are just going along their normal routine, except that Dad isn't home in the evenings for dinner or on the weekends. I think that they are starting to get a little bored with just me being here though.

Yesterday afternoon I was beginning to lose my cool. It was the end of the seventh day of him being gone and my afternoon was not going to plan. I could feel myself unraveling. My responses to Miss H were getting shorter and louder.

Fortunately, help arrived in the form of my amazing babysitter. She is the kind of girl who loves kids, especially mine, and whom kids love in return. She plays fun games, uses silly voices when she reads books, builds forts and is generally a kind and loving person.


I *heart* her.

She came to spend the weekend with us. To give me some free time, some help with the kids and around the house, and some company in the evenings. It was exactly what I needed.

Yesterday afternoon, she kept the kids while I went to the grocery store and cooked dinner. {She even cleaned up my kitchen while I was gone even though I told her not to.} This morning she kept the kids while I went for some much needed retail therapy. It was glorious.

We are all going to be very sad to see her go tomorrow. Having her here has, and is still, a huge blessing and it reminds me that I need to not be afraid to ask for help. As a stubborn person, it is oftentimes difficult for me to admit weakness. Realizing that needing help does not mean that I am weak is half the battle.

One week down, nine more to go!



Kmama said...

Again? Already? It seems like he just got home. ((HUGS))

Chelle said...

Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way, honey. xo

Cheryl said...

Your babysitter sounds like a wonderful blessing. Hold on to her with both hands! :)