Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'll try

Miss H is going through a stage where she wants me to do (or at least help) her with everything. Getting dressed. Going potty. Washing her hands. Don't get me wrong, she does need a lot of help with some things. These are not tasks she needs help with.

She has become proficient at the phrase, "I can't. I need you, Mommy." Over the past two months, I have been working with her to say, "I'll try" instead of "I can't."

Sometimes I feel like a Drill Sergeant.

"Recruit, did you say can't?!?! Can't is not a word in my vocabulary! I do not know the meaning of the word can't! You can and you will TRY until you DO!"

She has started giving it back to me, too. "Honey, I can't read to you right now, I need to change the baby's diaper." "Mommy, DON'T SAY CAN'T!"


But it is working. She is becoming more independent and trying to do more things on her own, like putting her dirty dishes in the sink.

While we are trying to teach her how to do things for herself, we are also trying to teach her perseverance and determination. We want her to know that she can do anything she puts her mind to if she will only try.

As we have gone through this exercise, I have been thinking to myself, how many times a day do I say can't? I also need to start saying "I'll try" more.

As I was lurking on facebook this morning, I came across this video showing Army soldier amputees completing an obstacle course. Wow. From a couple of soldiers I have heard from, this course is no walk in the park. It is incredibly tough with two good arms and legs. I cannot begin to imagine how hard it is for these guys. Yet they try, and they can.

This served as a good wake-up call for me today. There are things I have been putting off because "I can't." From now on, it's going to be "I'll try."


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Cheryl said...

Great post, Erin, and so true. TFS this reminder!