Monday, September 27, 2010

miscellany monday: trying something new

i am feeling random. i am in a funk - personally and on this blog. so i am trying something new this week.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. fighting. i am "in a fight" with my best friend in this town. doesn't that sound so sixth grade? it is. it started over a miscommunication and when i finally started communicating, i actually communicated too much. now she is hurt and i am hurt and i don't know where to go from here. why do we as women do this to ourselves? *sigh*

2. best alone weekend ever. save for #1 above, the rosebuds and i had a great weekend even with mr. rose being out of town. saturday i had mom's morning out where i ate breakfast out all by myself! (it was glorious.) i got my car washed and vacuumed, filled it up with gas, and made trips to the craft store and grocery store. that afternoon we visited the pool. (hey - if it is going to be 90 degrees out and our pool is still open i am going to embrace it.) sunday brought us to church, cracker barrel, and the gym.

3. consignment sale. i am getting ready to participate in our local consignment sale as a first time consignor. i really don't have that much to sell, because we are still planning on more kid(s.) but, i really wanted to consign if even just for the experience and to get a pre-sale shopping pass. check back on thursday for my review on how it goes!

4. parents. my parents are coming to visit this weekend and i am so excited to see them! after living with them for four months earlier this year, i really miss our daily interactions. and i might just have to schedule that massage i have been meaning to get.

so what do you think? totally random, right? head on over to lowercase letters for more miscellany monday!



Jess said...

I just have to say YEA! for "more kid(s)"! I want more kid(s), too. :)

Rachel said...

Yeah to kids! (As a mom to seven I have to totally agree with that statement)

And I am sorry about the spat. Those are hard.

Blessings to you!

Kmama said...

I love random posts.

I'm sorry you're fighting with your friend. That's never a good thing. Hopefully you can make up and laugh about it someday.

Shell said...

Hope you can work it out with your friend!

And I love being able to shop early at consignment sales!