Thursday, January 13, 2011

The power of small moments

Yesterday in my Bible study, I read about the power of small things that have big consequences. Our days are a series of small moments, some happy, some frustrating, some sad, some joyful, some just downright depressing. So I started thinking - what are the small moments throughout my day that make me happy?

  • Getting up early to take a shower and get dressed - in silence.
  • Spending my first few moments awake studying God's Word.
  • Good morning hugs and snuggles from my girls.
  • Hearing the coffee brew and waiting with anticipation for it to be done. Then, taking the first sip.
  • Singing singing along with the radio with Miss H on the way to school.
  • Watching the girls talk to and play with each other.
  • Discovering that Lil' B knows a new word.
  • Reading to my girls and finding that Miss H is reading right along with me.
  • Getting Lil' B to eat something new (and full of calories!)
  • Connecting with friends on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Making new friends on Twitter and discovering new blogs.
  • Naptime.
  • Being silly and making the girls laugh.
  • The moment when my husband comes walking through the door and two little pairs of feet run through the hallway calling, "Daddy! Dada!" Melts my heart every time.
  • Toasting Lil' B's sippy cup with my water glass at her insistence, "Cheers!"
  • Helping a friend.
  • Talking to my sister.
  • Relaxing with my husband.
  • Bedtime.

Motherhood is full of drudgery: laundry, dishes, diaper changes, cleaning. Oftentimes, I lose sight of the little moments throughout my day that fill my heart with joy. Simply by reflecting on this and identifying some of those moments, I feel renewed and full of love.

What are some of your happy moments? I hope your day is filled with them!



Melissa said...

I love it! The little moments are often overlooked in the doing of everything else don't they?

that's the goal of our Simple Moments make up the Bigger Picture. remembering these small moments lets us see the bigger picture of our life! I hope you'll come by Alita's and link up with us:

EMM said...

I made the list! Wewt!
My small moments: talking to YOU; seeing PK's huge smile first thing in the morning when I go to get him from the crib; watching him play with a new toy in a new way, intensely focused and concentrating; relaxing and laughing with DH in bed at night; that moment of satisfaction when I've crossed off all the tasks on that day's to do list; PK's soft, chubby little hand caressing my hand as he nurses; hearing my nieces laugh, squeal, and talk in the background of a phone call.

Kmama said...

Those are great happy moments!

I love the first few moments when I either pick up my kids or see them at home after work. I also love climbing into bed with my husband after a long day, and just chatting with him.

kBw said...

I love this post. I need to remember the small moments and focus on the now. I hope you're having a great day! xo

blueviolet said...

The quiet of the early morning is probably one of my favorite times of day. It's just me and nobody else moving in the house, and outside the world is still asleep.