Monday, January 10, 2011

Stepping (no, leaping) out of my comfort zone

At the end of this month I am preparing to take a huge leap out of my comfort zone. I will be attending Blissdom with a few hundred amazing bloggers. And that is my problem. I do not consider myself amazing. I'm just me and my little blog.

I know that everyone says how fun blogging conferences are and how much you learn and how many great people you get to meet. I am so excited about it and yet, I want to throw up all at the same time. I feel like I am about to go to my first day of school in a brand new town where I only know a couple of people.

So why am I even going? I need a kick in the pants, that's why. I need to get back on my blogging game and I think that attending Blissdom will help light the fire in my belly for blogging again.

I am not an outgoing person. My husband will tell you that I am lying when I say that, but it's true. I have a hard time going up to a random stranger and starting a conversation. So, if you are going to Blissdom and see me walking around by myself, will you please come over and say hi? I promise I won't be a total dork (at first, anyway!)



Erin said...


You are not alone. I am attending for some of the same reasons, and I am shy, too. I will know a few people, but I'm afraid the large size of the conference may overwhelm me at times...let's find each other & be Erin Squared!

p.s. I am a dork!

Erin said...

p.s. are you on Twitter? your button wasn't working for me...if you are, I am @erinlynn76?

Marketing Mama said...

You are going to have an awesome time. As I see who's going, I'll make sure to find you some of my "peeps" that you can say hi too.

Kmama said...

I'm sure you'll have a blast. Be yourself...everyone will love you!

blueviolet said...

I'm so excited that you're going!!!! I can't wait to meet you!!!!

Shell said...

I feel very much the same that you do. We'll find each other and hang out. :)

Liz said...

First, you have my cell, and I only gave it to you and Julie from Dutch Being Me. :) So, that's a sign that I want to meet and hang out with you!

Second, I swear I just told KLZ today how much credit I give you for signing up for this without really knowing anyone!

Third, call or text when you get in! Or if you are packing and freak out, call or text then, too!!

Melissa said...

Oh you will have so much fun! Really!

My tip, I was like you at CBC and I paired up with someone who was *very* outgoing. She would walk up to a crowd and introduce herself and I would just tag along and join in. She was like my bloggy wing man. It was perfect.

Have so much fun. I so wish I could be there!

K Hill said...

I'm a newbie to and OH SO NERVOUS even though I know several bloggers going. However, what I'm going to learn makes it all worth the butterflies!

BeckyW said...

I think it is great that you are honest -and most likely others are going that feel the exact same way! I am newer to the blogging world-well I have blogged but not as seriously as I am trying to now.
Happy Tuesday from a fellow Dream Team 2011 Member!

Upcycle Mama said...

I know Erin personally, and I must say that the first time I met you I was immediately drawn to you. You are a cahrismatic joyful person. Anyone who meets her at this conference will agree with me I'm sure. Love ya E, -S ;)