Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mr. Rose's perspective on shoes: a special Guest Post by my husband

Today, I am pleased to have my husband, Mr. Rose, guest posting. Some of you may know that I also have a private family blog, and on that blog Mr. Rose has been taking up my slack. The other day he posted this story and fifteen minutes later asked me if I had read it. The next day he asked me if anyone commented on it. Really? The only people who read that blog are my parents, my sister, his Dad, and a few of our close friends. Not a big audience and not really any commentors in the bunch.

I started to tease him a little bit. "You're getting the blogging bug! You're getting the blogging bug! What? You wrote something and nobody commented? Doesn't feel so good does it?" He quickly assured me that no, he was not getting the "blogging bug," and no he did not care if anyone commented, he was just curious.

Riiiiiiiight. So without further ado, I give you:


I remember a time in my not-to-distant past when shoes did not play any significant role in my life. Sure, when I was a kid I wanted to ensure I had basketball shoes for basketball and cleats for soccer. When I was older, I wanted a nice pair of shoes or two for dressing up, but I never really thought more than a minute or two of any given day about shoes. Okay, maybe if my feet were hurting during a 25-mile roadmarch I'd think a bit more than a few minutes.

When first married, I experienced the perplexed wonderment of losing all my closet space to Erin's collection of shoes, but I got over that pretty quickly too. Now, however, shoes have taken over my life in a way I was never prepared for. See, shoes happen to be one of Lil' B's most favorite things in the whole world, second only to maybe dogs, birds, or "up!" Although, not her first word, it has probably been one of her most frequently used ones. For some reason, she loves shoes. Putting them on, taking them off, making sure you have them on, taking yours off, asking for them, pointing them out.... You know how persistent an 18 month old can be. "Shoes, Shoes, Shoes" is what we hear almost all day long. The good thing is, she knows how to put them on and off by herself already and I bet she'll be tying shoe strings in no time.

That said, having just adjusted to Lil' B's mannerisms, Erin brings home these:

The first shoes that Miss H has picked out on her own. My first thought was "OMG, what did you allow her to do?" They are pink, sequined, they have peace symbols, oh - and did I mention they light up whenever she takes a step. Hmmmm. Not exactly the nice brown or white (and conservative) shoes that she has owned up to now. My skeptical mood quickly transformed into happiness when I saw how proud Hannah was of her new shoes. So, once again I adjusted.
Then the other day, I learned that Miss H has also started to pick out all of her own clothes to get dressed now:

I think she pulled it off. What do you think?
Heaven only knows what the future holds......

So, what do you think? Does Mr. Rose need to have a regular slot here on Cultivating Rosebuds? Please do me a favor and show him some comment love.


Upcycle Mama said...

Yes!! I love a Dad's perspective on what Mommy deals with day in and day out. Get him to start posting!

EMM said...

I love this post, and I love to hear Pookie's perspective on life with two little girls. Keep it up! Guest post, guest post, guest post!

Kmama said...

Yes, he definitely needs a regular slot. He did a great job with the post!

Love Miss H's new shoes. So cute!

Liz said...

I'm pretty sure Erin won't like my response. :) I'm not a girly girl, nor is my oldest. So for me? I wouldn't be buying bedazzled, light up shoes for my girls.

Not that there's anything wrong with that; I'm just not a typical "girl". :)

Nicole said...

I'd say he's a great guest poster! :-) Our oldest daughter is now dressing herself - I held onto the reigns a little longer than you all did - but she definitely puts some interesting outfits together. It's cute and fun to see their individuality coming out.

KLZ said...

I think she looks great! Even though my husband has more shoes than I do, I still know style when I see it.

Erin said...

Get ready, for this is just the beginning!

And I must say, those shoes are ADORABLE!

Would love to see you back here sometime, Mr. Rosebud. Although I am partial to your wife, and not just b/c we share the same first name!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable!! I love those shoes, if I had a girl I would totally buy them for her!