Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting Crafty

Lately, I have really been feeling the need to make things. Don't get me wrong; Martha Stewart I am not. But I really find a place of peace when I am working on a project and love the sense of accomplishment when I find that I can create something with my own two hands.

All of this started when I was pregnant with Lil' B a little over two years ago. I found this cute bird mobile tutorial online and decided that I would attempt to build one for her nursery. I loved how the stuffed birds looked so whimsical with their mismatched fabric tops and bottoms. So I headed to the fabric store and started sewing up these cute little birdies. When it came time to actually assembling the mobile....well, let's just say that I have a box full of little sewn birdies sitting in my basement.

But I digress. Sewing the birds and seeing them come together ignited something in me. I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas and Santa brought it for me. Over the last year and half I have experimented and learned how to sew project by project. I made sunhats for the girls, aprons, and even a pair of pajama pants for myself!

My motivation for sewing wanes and waxes, but several weeks ago I felt the need to create rise up again. My sister expressed an interest in learning to sew, so I looked for a fun project we could work on while she was here visiting. Lil' B's birthday was right around the corner so this is what I came up with.

Quilted Happy Birthday Banner
I found this adorable cupcake and icecream cones fabric and thought it would be perfect for a Happy Birthday Banner. This was my first attempt at quilting, and while it isn't perfect, I absolutely adore it. I imagine many Happy Birthdays in our house with this banner and I hope it becomes a fond childhood memory for my girls as they grow up.

While my sister was here, we I made this one:

Cute, right? She picked out a more boyish fabric for her son and I love how it turned out!

So now I am on a mission to make a few baby items. First up on the agenda is a flannel bassinet sheet. If that works out, I am going to work on crib sheets, a crib skirt, and curtains. I'll keep you posted on how they turn out!


Kmama said...

Those are super cute. I wish I had just an inkling of craft in me.

blueviolet said...

Really cute! I like your crafty side!

Shell said...

So cute!

Megan said...

I love the idea of a birthday banner - such a clever/cute idea. And it'll definitely be an adorable childhood memory!