Thursday, February 25, 2010

Turning off the Television

Before I became I Mom, I swore my kids would not watch more than 1 hour of television a day. I *just knew* that I would be a better Mommy than that.


My 2 year old is a television junkie. She would sit and watch the tube all day long if I let her. Disney channel, PBS Kids, nickjr., she does not discriminate.


Miss H zoning in front of the television.

And what's worse is that I have come to rely on the television as a pseudo-babysitter when I am feeding or putting Baby B down for a nap. But then, it doesn't get turned off.

I try to schedule outside activities, art time, and book time. But everyday there is a good deal more TV watching than I would prefer.


More TV time.

On Monday after her temper tantrum, I told her that there would be no television for the rest of the day as her punishment. This was harder on me than it was on her! A couple of times she asked to watch a movie, I simply reminded her of her punishment and she went about playing with her toys.

I think what I am trying to say is that I need to have more self control when it comes to turning on the tv. I need to try to rely on it less and not turn it on automatically every morning.

This is my next challenge to myself. I'll let you know how it goes!



Cheryl said...

I worry about this when I become a mom b/c our TV is seriously always on. I don't even think about it. Even when I'm not watching it, it's on in the background. My SIL has often remarked that she needs to find a new punishment for her daughters for the same reason you cited, lol.

Anonymous said...

I dont limit my 3 yr olds tv time but she is only aloud to watch Nick Jr. & her dvds. The TV is always on but she is playing, coloring or other things majority of the time!

I dont see it as how much tv they watch I see it as what they watch!

Chelle said...

Ohhh...that is a big problem in our house, too!

With Isabella she is obsessed with the movie Annie. Oh my word. It's a little frightening. We taped her singing the theme song tonite...

Shell said...

She looks so darling!

We have our tv on a LOT. But, my boys just sort of catch little snippets here or there. Sometimes stopping to watch part of a show.

Jess said...

ugh! I hear you! While little Lea is too young to really watch tv, her mommy & daddy sure do watch a lot of it. I just asked Kevin the other day, "How can we teach Lea not to watch tv all the time when WE do?!" I do try to make an effort to play music sometimes rather then always having the tv on in the background. It's hard... good luck!!!

Kmama said...

We are bad about the tv too. However, most of the time, it's just on, not being watched. If I turn it off, my oldest will ask for it to be on, not to watch, but to just hear. It's weird.

Good luck with keeping it off more!

G-Zell said...

LOL... yep me too.

Read all the books, all the articles. I wasn't going to give them candy or soda.. always always healthy food. No fast food..

Ya whatever! LOL

Kids hit after school sports at age 6.... micky d's, junk food junkies, tv galore, maybe some home cool meals if there was time LOL...

This time around my boys are 15 and 16 and now my girls are 4 and 1 1/2 so I am cooking home meals, healthier food, limiting junk food. BUT hell no to the tv that is what saves me LOL

Mommy Moment said...

We only have a TV in our room, so our girls don't watch TV. They are forced to play and I am not tempted to watch it either. They watch tv on Monday nights when we go to my grandma's for supper and they watch a movie on sunday afternoon. They only show I watch is Grey's...I love that show!