Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May #DressLikeAGirl Challenge Link-up

Wow, where in the world did the month of May go? This last month has been particularly busy for me what with buying a new house and moving. Right now, all of our stuff is packed up in boxes and loaded on a truck. We have traveled about halfway from Florida to Maryland and are still waiting to hear about when our belongings will be delivered. In a word, Mama Rosebud is stressed.

But you know what? I found that the times I made an effort this month to wear a dress, do my hair, and put on jewelry, I actually felt better. And the days that I just put on yoga pants, no makeup and a ponytail, I felt totally Blah. I wish I had some pictures to show you of the cute outfits I put together, but alas, my camera is packed up in some undetermined bag or suitcase.

Your Turn!

So how did you do? Share with us how you did on this first challenge. One of you that links up will win this beautiful stylish purse from Julie Vision Designs:


Rules/Details/How to Enter:


Link up one of the following ways

- Link a blog post up here or at Melissa's (I am having technical difficulties with the Linky. Please head over to Melissa's to link up.)

- Don't want to blog it? Add your photo to our Flickr Group and provide the link to your photo in the linky

- Don't blog or Flickr? Add your photo to Mine or Melissa's Facebook Page (I think you can tag the page) and add a link back here.

Extra Entry:

You can earn 1 extra entry by Tweeting "I'm taking the #dresslikeagirl challenge with @PBinmyHair & @Mama_Rosebud http://ht.ly/5aEaO"

Linky and Giveaway will close on 12 June and the winner will be announced Monday June 13.

Link directly to your challenge post or picture not your main blog page.

June's Challenge:

Cute Beach Wear- cover-ups, hats, sandals, etc.

More on it next week, but anything goes! Have fun! Be cute! Accessorize!

Link directly to your challenge post or picture not your main blog page.


blueviolet said...

I'm not linking but I wanted to tell you how happy I am that you've arrived in your new home. I hope your things follow suit very soon!

KLZ said...

I SO want a new summer hat. Big and floppy...like I'm a chic divorcee! But, you know, without the divorce. You know what I mean, right?

I'm wearing a dress right now :)

Congrats on the move being mostly done.